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Get the facts about Andrew Yang!

Andrew is not a typical politician

He will work for real New Yorkers, not narrow special interests. Andrew plans to open a public bank so that the 12% of New Yorkers without a bank have access to one. He will also launch a $1 billion cash relief program to get this city back on its feet and bring back tourism by making the city safer, cleaner, and healthier. Andrew will ensure that we create good jobs, improve wages, expand equitable economic opportunity, and address the housing crisis.

Andrew says he owes everything to NYC

Andrew has lived here in NYC for over 25 years. He met his wife Evelyn at Amy’s Bread and got married at City Hall, celebrating afterward at Peking Duck on Mott Street in Chinatown. Both of his children were born here. His oldest child was born during Hurricane Sandy when the lights were flickering and nurses were scrambling to make the hospital safe.

Andrew cares about people

With Andrew, hope is on the way. At every meeting, walking tour, bike ride, subway commute, dance break, or conversation, people see that NYC needs a new kind of leadership that Andrew can provide. The city has seen a nearly 900% increase in Asian hate crimes. He has been at the forefront of standing with the AAPI community and calling for additional resources to stop such horrible attacks on Asian New Yorkers.

Andrew is a New Yorker, public school and special needs parent, husband, nonprofit founder, and activist

Andrew and Evelyn are public school and special needs parents. Before running for president, Andrew founded and ran a nonprofit, Venture for America, which created thousands of jobs and helped small businesses grow in underinvested cities. Before that he ran one of the top education companies in the country and was CEO at the age of 31. Andrew knows how to lead, manage, and inspire people.

Andrew will be the recovery mayor

Andrew will make NYC the post-COVID comeback city, with 21st century infrastructure and systematic thinking for vaccine rollout, economic bounceback, and cultural revival. He will help small businesses, give back sales taxes for a fixed period as grants so restaurants can pay rent and hire more workers, and make Open Streets permanent to give New Yorkers more space to enjoy their neighborhoods. Andrew wants to help cut homelessness in half by converting some hotels to affordable and supportive housing. He also wants to reopen schools safely so kids can be with their classmates and teachers again.

Andrew will help the economy and small businesses

Andrew recognizes that small businesses are the backbone of NYC. His administration plans to save 15,000 small businesses in 2022, reduce red tape and end enforcement of curable violations, create a permanent low/no interest loan program, renew licenses and permits without fee, extend the cap on food delivery services, create local business spending vouchers and much more!

Andrew’s basic income plan would help New Yorkers

The Yang administration would launch the largest basic income program in the country. Through this program, 500,000 New Yorkers living in extreme poverty will receive an average $2,000 yearly to help with basic human needs.

Andrew supports learning for all

The Yang administration would subsidize broadband, create bridge programming to help students catch up, scale up 3-K across the city, and streamline regulatory approvals for daycares.

Andrew will bring back restaurants and nightlife

Andrew has actually proposed the biggest post-COVID celebration in the world in all five boroughs! Additionally, he wants to make outdoor dining a permanent fixture (which saved 100,000 jobs), make to-go cocktails permanent, and use parks for outdoor performances.

Andrew wants to keep NYC safe

Andrew has proposed to reorganize the NYPD to rebuild trust between officers and New Yorkers. That includes a new Deputy Mayor role for Public and Community Safety, a police commissioner with experience beyond the NYPD, and strong response to the rise in hate crimes in NYC.

The Yang campaign has tons of energy and momentum

As anyone who has joined him on the trail knows, New Yorkers across race, age, gender, and ethnicity are excited by the forward-looking nature of Andrew's candidacy and campaign. The Yang campaign has the most donors, has 5,000 volunteers, and is leading in the polls. We have built a volunteer army who chose to dedicate their time to this campaign because they believe in Andrew and his vision for NYC.

Andrew supports Affordable Housing

Having lived in New York City for more than 25 years, Andrew understands the need for affordable housing and has formulated a comprehensive plan that will make sure housing is secure for all. We need to make the biggest investment to affordable housing since Ed Koch - by committing $4 billion to produce 250k units of affordable housing. Andrew recognizes that NYCHA housing is home to over 400,000 New Yorkers and seeks to reverse decades of disinvestments and negligence. He will reinvest over $30 billion in NYCHA in order to repair over 300 public housing developments.

Andrews believes in a stronger and better MTA

The fundamental problem with the MTA is that there is no accountability. The City must take municipal control of its own transit network and not rely on the state-run MTA to get it right. The Yang administration will build and maintain a reliable and comprehensive transit network both above and below ground. A top priority will include building Bus Rapid Transit throughout the City and electrifying our buses. In addition, the Yang administration will integrate our subways, buses and bike infrastructure to make all five boroughs more accessible. The Yang administration will expand the Fair Fares program so that CUNY students and others can afford to get around.

Andrew wants to expand the Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP)

Summer Youth Employment is one of our city’s best ways to invest in our young people, and we need to expand both the number of slots available and make it year-round. The Yang administration will be committed to not only returning SYEP to its previous scale, but continuing to grow the program, and at a faster pace than the city did in the five years before COVID. With this investment, SYEP would have 175,000 participants per summer by the end of a four-year term, meaning there would be enough room to accommodate the previous peak in applicants and eliminate the lottery altogether.

Andrew believes in creating a safe and fair NYC with the NYPD

Andrew believes, “It’s important that New Yorkers trust the NYPD and the entire criminal justice system. That will require major reforms in how the city’s law enforcement system operates.” The Yang administration plans to name a civilian Commissioner of the NYPD, expand “violence interrupter” programming, and make data-driven, technologically-informed decisions about what is and isn’t working. He plans to hold law enforcement accountable for any misconduct, and to ensure that black, brown, and LGBTQ New Yorkers are no longer failed by the system.

Andrew is extremely passionate about Cash Relief

Andrew’s plan will make sure 500,000 New Yorkers with the greatest need will receive cash relief. This plan will be the biggest basic income program in our country’s history with one billion invested every year. It will be available to all New Yorkers regardless of immigration status and no benefits will be taken away from New Yorkers who currently get them.

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